Main Services

We provide a comfortable, home-like environment where children are encouraged to grow and develop individually.We have programs designed to effectively encouraged and develop children’s based on their age.

BEGINNGS(1+ year)

We provide a comfortable, nurturing, and protected "home away from home” where your baby can thrive and grow from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity.

Toddler Program(2-3 years)

Our toddlers program is specifically designed to assist toddlers in developing the essentials skills for early brain development through the concepts of Attention.

Advancing Further(3-4 years)

Our Advancing Further program promotes the use of hands-on exploration and social interaction to help your child learn about the world in a safe and engaging environment.

After Care

Normally our creche classes start operating at 7:00am till 12:30am.then our aftercare start from 15pm to 17pm.Our aftercare will give your child a lot of time for fun and to play around with toys and so on.On a safety environment while waiting for a parent. .

Towards to grade R(4-5years)

During their third year of life, children become more and more curious. It’s that natural sense of curiosity that we use to teach them to discover and grow. Within our home-like classroom, your child is free to be anything from an artist to an engineer.

Our Team